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Get lost in books...

Hello everyone! Just for you to know be better.... I'm 16 years old girl, I'm a town girl, have big dreams, tired of drama, obviously LOVE BOOKS and music...I have an obsession with whales, they are simply beautiful! Architecture is my passion. I believe 101% in farytales. God=my everything! I like all kind of books, love stories, adventure, fiction, futuristics, drama, historics, design... All of them! I love reading books, I love to spend my money buying books, I love to know more about everything, I love to descover, create and imagine... Sometimes, the mayority of them, I feel like I'm inside of the book, I am part of it, while I read I simply feel like I'm living the story. For me it's magical how my hands can feel the pages, the texture of them, how I can breathe while reading, it is an unique sensation. Also I like to write, I feel how the words flow and how the pen moves in my hand, how the paper gets full of wonderful worlds. Every single thing has a meaning. Nothing it's write without a reason... Perfect day: A rainy day, a cup of coffee, a noiseless place, a good book, paper and a pen, and classic music... sometimes I include some kind of company, most of the times...alone.